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The Name 

Anyone who knows Ariane, the name Ice Water With Lemon is no mystery. She grew up in New Orleans where the summers are very hot and humid. A tall glass of ice water is sometimes the only relief. 

Ariane’s childhood home had one of those dreamy ice machines—the vintage ones that made an endless supply of perfectly squared miniature ice cubes.  A quick swipe of ice in a big glass and 5 seconds under a faucet created the survival tool of summer. 

One day, Ariane’s brother, Kevin, suggested adding a giant lemon wedge to her drink of choice.  This was pure genius and became a calling card for Ariane.  Every friend growing up knew that Ariane’s first order of business was to make herself a gigantic glass of ice water with lemon.

Years later, and thousands of miles away, Ariane lives in California where ice water is a health kick and lemon is a simple garnish.  She kept the tradition going. You will likely find a large glass of ice water with lemon near Ariane on any occasion.

While brainstorming for a name for her business, Ariane went to her roots, her experiences, talents or almost anything that would produce a name that defines her and the work she hopes to do for her clients.  An organic, simple, and fresh idea quickly became the name of the company. Ice Water with Lemon is Ariane.  She is skilled, connected, professional and accomplished. Your experience working with her will be refreshing and fullfilling. Just like that glass of ice water. With lemon.